The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in East Williston

benefits of packaging finishing

Add finishing touches to your packaging to make it more noticeable on store shelves, and increase its longevity. These finishes can also make your package more resilient against damage.

Foil stamping and embossing add an eye-catching finish to your packaging, creating an eye-catching appearance while emphasizing company logos or product images.

Print finishing comes in various forms, from varnish and lamination to spot varnishing and embossing. Each coating protects the ink against damage and smudges and comes with both gloss and matt finishes to choose from.


Packaging finishing costs depend on many variables in East Williston. Energy-efficient equipment can help lower packaging expenses while labor-saving techniques can also prove cost-effective. You could save money by eliminating extra features from your package, such as thank you notes or hot stamping – something which also lowers raw material and fulfilment department costs.

Varnish is a coating applied to printed materials to protect them from fading or scratching, acting as a protective layer against ink fading or scratching. Available in matte, satin and glossy finishes as well as soft-touch textures like velvet; metalised PET gives your product a metallic appearance and works well with other finishing options such as embossing. Varnish can give print packaging an exclusive high-end feel while decreasing reflections for reduced antiglare packaging.


Add lamination to your printed packaging to increase durability, resistance to environmental factors like water and smudge-proofness, add shiny textures that enhance its look, and improve its lifespan. Lamination comes both gloss and matte finishes for your convenience.

Foiling is another popular packaging finishing solution to help brands convey an air of prestige and quality. This printing technique uses a metal die to raise print surfaces on paper with metallic sheen effects, giving a metallic sheen. Foiling can be applied across an entire product or just part of one surface area; pairing well with embossing and debossing techniques as well.

Danish bakery paper brand that modified one detail of its packaging (foiling on the white unbranded part) saw sales increase by 40%. Packaging with eye-catching finishes can make your products stand out and boost sales significantly!


Packaging design can have a substantial effect on sales. Achieving premium finishing with professional printing finishing can elevate your package and draw customers towards it on store shelves – studies have even indicated that just changing up its appearance could increase its sales by 40%!

Coating is a simple yet effective way to elevate printed materials, protecting against scuffing or marking of prints while adding glossiness and vibrancy to them. Plus, it can even highlight certain areas in designs!

Other finishing options for packaging include embossing and debossing, which add a tactile dimension. Embossing raises text and graphics, while debossing creates depressions on paper surfaces. Both finishes can be enhanced further with foils in different shades and finishes such as gold and silver that complement branding strategies.


The paper and packaging industry has long faced sustainability issues due to the significant amounts of energy required to manufacture its materials, producing greenhouse gas emissions and other toxic emissions in the process. To lower its environmental footprint, businesses should make use of recyclable packaging while prioritising sustainable processes and practices.

One way of doing this is switching to lighter weight materials that require less energy for production and reduced carbon footprint, helping retailers and consumers reduce energy demands during shipping.

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Businesses that prioritize environmental responsibility enjoy an edge in today’s marketplace, particularly as more consumers demand sustainable packaging for products they buy. Capitalizing on corporate social responsibility through eco-friendly packaging increases customer loyalty and brand recognition. There are various strategies you can employ to decrease your company’s environmental footprint such as using recycled materials instead of varnishes, choosing more cost-efficient options like overpackaging avoidance strategies, properly disposing varnish, minimizing varnish use, choosing recycled material options such as packaging your items using less varnish and eliminating over packaging; creating eco-friendly yet beautiful packaging solutions!

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