Benefits of Antimicrobial Touch Screen in Mill Neck

Antimicrobial touch screens from Kastus provide consumers with peace of mind by helping to prevent germ spread through self-service kiosks and frontline self-service terminals. With COVID-19 pandemic fears growing stronger each year, consumers may be reluctant to use kiosks in Mill Neck and frontline self-service terminals out of fear for germs.

Touchscreen displays contain an inorganic antimicrobial agent such as zeolite that is permanently adhered to their outer surfaces, providing permanent antimicrobial protection and scratch-resistance without impacting on screen transparency or electrical properties.

Reduces the Risk of Infection

Studies have demonstrated that touch screen devices such as smartphones are highly contaminated with microorganisms found on your hands (Beckstrom, 2013). When combined with unsanitary public environments, such devices become ideal vectors of infectious disease transmission.

Harsh cleaning chemicals can wear away at touchscreen surfaces and create crevices where bacteria thrive, often prompting healthcare environments to implement stringent decontamination protocols for high-touch surfaces, however fear of damaging equipment often prevents proper or ongoing maintenance from being performed on these items.

Antimicrobial touchscreen surfaces eliminate these risks by being built into manufacturing and providing unparalleled protection throughout their product’s lifetime. Our antimicrobial touch screen coating has been independently verified as capable of eliminating over 99% of human Coronavirus and other harmful bacteria/germs without negatively affecting performance or durability, and also features water resistance protection against liquid ingress or degradation, giving industry professionals confidence that their products are safe to use.

Eliminates Cross-Contamination

Medical settings where patients are vulnerable to infection often utilize antimicrobial touch screens as a preventative measure against contamination of both users and devices. Harsh cleaning chemicals may damage touchscreen surfaces, leaving microscopic crevices that bacteria can take hold in and develop rapidly – creating the ideal breeding ground for germs to take hold.

Studies have revealed that touchscreens are infected with various microorganisms. Staphylococci are often detected, while viruses and fungi are also commonly observed.

Touchscreens must be regularly disinfected in order to eliminate microbial deposits and protect themselves against potential infections. UV irradiation is an effective form of disinfection; however, its implementation requires limited degradation, short duration and reduced risks to human skin. Our patented 24/7 antimicrobial coating technology eliminates this problem with safer solutions that do not compromise durability – for capacitive, resistive or infrared touchscreens alike! Our TSItouch antimicrobial film can even be used on capacitive monitors!

Eliminates Bacteria Growth

When someone with unclean hands touches a screen, bacteria accumulates on its surface, potentially spreading from one person to the next. Antiseptic wipes may help kill these bacteria temporarily but this must be repeated regularly in order to remain effective over time.

At the core of this invention lies an inorganic antimicrobial agent incorporated in an outer layer of a touch screen which comes into contact and contact with finger presses, such as ceramic silver zeolite particles which are included without disrupting either transparency or electrical functions.

This coating can be utilized on both existing and newly installed touchscreen kiosks, digital directories and point of sale terminals to offer visibly safer experiences to visitors of property owners, human resource professionals and building managers.

Increases Durability

Antimicrobial coating is seamlessly integrated during manufacturing and provides around-the-clock, lifelong protection without impacting performance of touchscreen displays. Independent research has proven this technology’s effectiveness by eliminating over 99% of human coronavirus infections as well as widespread viruses such as influenza and hepatitis A; while simultaneously significantly reducing harmful bacteria.

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This innovative coating is applied directly onto the glass layer that’s touched by fingers, consisting of nanoparticles of antibiotic zeolite embedded within an inorganic matrix bonded to the resm film and made entirely out of nanoparticles derived from antibiotic zeolite. Extremely durable and versatile in its use on resistive or capacitive touch screens for various applications, this material offers many possibilities.

Positively-charged ions on the screen’s glass surface act to attract bacteria cells that come in contact with it, dissolving their phosphoric and fatty acid bonds and killing off any that come into contact. Tests have confirmed its efficacy over the lifetime of its product – and have shown it can reduce over 650 types of bacteria species!

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