Top 7 Packaging Trends for Jericho, New York in 2022

packaging trends in 2022

As technology continues to improve for Jericho, New York, custom packaging has become a major trend in packaging. Essentially, custom packaging involves designing your own packaging materials, which abandons the traditional pre-made approach in favor of personalized design and enhanced user experience. As a result, this trend will significantly impact the industry in 2022.

Color gradients

Color gradients are a popular design element that is quickly becoming a mainstream trend. They have already become a staple in many packaging designs and can be seen on business cards. However, when it comes to using them on packaging, it’s important to know who you’re designing for and whether or not it’s appropriate for the type of product you’re selling.

Color gradients look particularly striking in a digital format. They are a way for designers to blend a variety of colors to create a unique look. Often, they will become the main feature of packaging design. Aside from being eye-catching, they can also create a sense of luxury, which is often associated with the beverage industry.


Transparency in packaging is an important trend for consumers who want to know more about the products they purchase. Food and beverage shoppers, for example, want to know more about ingredients, sourcing, sustainability, and more. In addition, personal care shoppers are looking for more information about products as well. To meet this demand, companies can include proof elements on packaging such as sustainability certifications or QR codes that lead consumers to more information.

As a result, many modern brands are allowing consumers to communicate directly with them. Interactive packaging allows customers to interact with a brand in ways that are new and exciting, and helps build consumer trust. For example, you can use QR codes to redirect your consumers to your social media account or to the return page of your website. Brands can also create personalized QR codes using a service like Jakodan.


Minimalism is a trend that has been resurging for a while now, but the next year promises to take this trend to new heights. This trend features subtle natural tones in product design, which help to create a strong brand image and neutralize bolder effects. For example, a body cream box should feature neutral colors and thoughtful interior design.

The trend is becoming more mainstream with brands of all types. It helps give products a reputation for honesty and simplicity, and keeps the product’s look clean and classy. More brands are adopting this look, including popular brands such as Summer Fridays and Honest Beauty.

Psychedelic packaging

Psychedelic design is making a comeback. It has gained tremendous popularity in recent years and is expected to continue into the next decade. These designs remind us of carefree times, while addressing issues that are relevant to our time. This trend has a variety of potential applications for packaging.

Some brands like packaging within company new york ,packaging within solutions new york city are sticking with their original underground aesthetic while others are stepping out into the mainstream with full-fledged marketing mixes. The biggest driver for the popularity of psychedelics brands may be a shift in the ethical mindset of consumers. Psychedelic visuals are synonymous with the counterculture, and they have a way of capturing the mind and evoking joy. Psychedelic packaging trends will feature a colorful palette and gradients, as well as holographic elements.

Personalized packaging

Personalization is a powerful tool for building a relationship with consumers. Studies show that 80% of consumers prefer a customized experience when purchasing a product. Personalization is also an effective way to tweak products for different markets. It also offers the opportunity to A/B test different packaging designs.

Personalized packaging is a great way to increase customer engagement. With the help of digital printing, packaging designers can create unique and attractive designs that are sure to catch the attention of customers. Companies such as Oreos have been using this method to increase customer engagement and loyalty.


As environmental awareness continues to grow, brand owners are increasingly implementing green packaging. In response to increased regulatory and public pressure, more brands are using nonplastic substrates such as paper, glass and metal. This heightened interest has led to a growing appetite for innovation. However, commercialization of green alternatives has been slow.

Reusable packaging is becoming the preferred form of packaging in home and personal care. Retailers have introduced refillable containers, and individual brands are joining the trend. For example, Dove plans to launch a refillable deodorant in 2021. Reusable packaging is also gaining popularity in grocery and other retail outlets. Companies such as Loop are working with big brands to increase the recycling rate of packaging.

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